Does your vehicle look tired, even when it's clean? If this is the case, then maybe we can help…

The main attribute to a vehicle’s surface becoming dull is surface defects. These can come in the form of holograms, buffer trails, swirl marks, light scratches & sometimes bird limes. You may even have a combination of all the above, which will lead to the surface not diffracting light correctly.

Using a combination of compounds & polishes (via orbital & forced rotation machine polishers). We are able to remove a small amount of the vehicle lacquer, in order to re-level the vehicle's surface. We offer 4 grades of surface preparation, which can either heavily reduce such defects or remove completely. Leaving the entire vehicle's painted surface free from defects & now reflecting light perfectly. Allowing an optimum finish & the perfect clarity under all light sources. We can even go as far as removing the orange peel in OE lacquers. Using fine grade sand papers via hand & digital/orbital sanders.

From here, only your imagination is your limitation. Our ethos of perfection can run from the engine bays, wheels, chassis & interior. Offering you the complete package & preserving all surfaces in the world's finest organic & inorganic protections. If you're looking to deep clean, refinish & protect any areas of your vehicle, then we want to hear from you!